Classic Metal Radio
Megadeth - Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness

Megadeth 23 hours ago
White Lion - All You Need Is Rock 'N' Roll

All You Need Is Rock 'N' Roll

White Lion 23 hours ago
Judas Priest - Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

Judas Priest 23 hours ago
Alice Cooper - School's Out

School's Out

Alice Cooper 23 hours ago
The Cult - Fire Woman

Fire Woman

The Cult 23 hours ago
Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man

Miracle Man

Ozzy Osbourne 23 hours ago
Iced Earth - Cities On Flame

Cities On Flame

Iced Earth 23 hours ago
Van Halen - Runnin' With the Devil

Runnin' With the Devil

Van Halen 23 hours ago
Helix - Wild in the Streets

Wild in the Streets

Helix 23 hours ago
Skid Row - Riot Act

Riot Act

Skid Row 23 hours ago
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Hard n Heavy Sounds From The 20th Century & Beyond

For those who crave the powerful riffs and soaring vocals of classic metal, Classic Metal Radio is the go-to station. Based in Canada, this radio station is all about celebrating the rich history of metal music, showcasing the most influential bands and tracks that have shaped the genre. Whether you're a lifelong fan or just discovering the world of classic metal, this station has got you covered.

Dive into a world of headbanging anthems and unforgettable guitar solos with Classic Metal Radio's diverse programming. The station's passionate team of hosts and DJs work tirelessly to bring you the ultimate classic metal experience, sharing their knowledge and love for the genre with listeners around the globe. So, crank up the volume and get ready to rock out with Classic Metal Radio!

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Poslednjih 7 dana:

1. Bands Amg - Psa Psa Psa

2. Jackalopes - Motley Crue

3. Jackalopes - Motley Crue

4. Metallica - Lux Æterna

5. Velvet Revolver - Fall to Pieces

6. Deep Purple - Highway Star

7. David Lee Roth - Just a Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody

8. W.A.S.P. - I Don't Need No Doctor

9. Dio - One Night In the City

10. Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Want to Change the World

Poslednjih 30 dana:

1. Bands Amg - Psa Psa Psa

2. Jackalopes - Motley Crue

3. Metallica - Lux Æterna

4. Jackalopes - Motley Crue

5. Warrant - Cherry Pie

6. Metallica - 72 Seasons

7. Metallica - Screaming Suicide

8. Metallica - You Must Burn!

9. Metallica - Crown of Barbed Wire

10. Metallica - Too Far Gone?


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